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Our Story

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Revitalizing Wellness was born out of many years of blood sweat and tears (quite literally). 

Rhiannon's daughter (unbeknownst to her) was born missing part of her immune system. She was chronically ill the first 4 years of her life. 

At 3 months old she had bacterial pneumonia. Doctors were baffled at how a baby could have the worst type of pneumonia while not being exposed to germs in a child care facility. 

It was then the cascade of chronic illness began.

Every 4-6 weeks for 2 weeks at a time she was sick, always with an upper respiratory infection. She was later diagnosed with reflux, and MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance) amongst other things.

In the meanwhile, Rhiannon's son started displaying drastic behavior changes. He was aggressive and she could not figure out why-until they saw a nutritionist. 

The nutritionist did food sensitivity testing, and advised us to immediately cut out dyes and artificial sweeteners. She also advised them to go dairy and gluten free while they waited for the results. Within a week of making these changes, he was a completely different kid. 

Once the results came in, Rhiannon began to research anything and everything she could for her daughter-to find SOME explanation as to WHY she was so sick all the time. 

FINALLY one night, she ran across some information and texted her pediatrician. The pediatrician agreed with her hypothesis and testing was ordered. 

A $29 test identified that Rhiannon's suspicions were true-her daughter was IgA deficient. This meant the antibodies to fight germs in her respiratory tract were missing and leading her to chronic illness. 

While no cure, there was an answer. Rhiannon's nutritionist advised her on several options in addition to removing foods that both kids were reacting to on their tests.

Rhiannon continued to pursue natural remedies when possible-including partnering with a herbalist for customized tinctures for her daughter. 

Eventually after repeat course of antibiotic over and over, her daughter's gut was destroyed from the good bacteria she needed. 

This caused a head to toe yeast infection. It was then Rhiannon said ENOUGH! This is not working any more! She quit with western medicine and took the power into her own hands. Through supplementation and lifestyle changes, she has transformed her families health.

Since then Rhiannon has been helping families in her spare time along similar journeys with their children's health and wellness. 

It wasn't until the word turned upside down that in 2021 Rhiannon decided to gain certification to fully embrace the journey of supporting others.

Your MTHFR Coach

Rhiannon Neuharth CFNC CTIC


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