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Unlock Optimal Wellness by Harnessing Your Unique Genetic Blueprint

A functional approach to optimized wellness

Our Mission: To empower neurospicy women with MTHFR from frustrated to focused using simple, personalized solutions based on their unique genetic blueprint without the endless hours on Google.

Meet Your MTHFR Coach

MTHFR Coach, Rhiannon

Hi Friend! 

I am glad you are here! From one badass MTHFR to another, I understand the frustration and exhaustion that comes with searching endlessly for answers. Trying all the things. Googling. Not sure what to do first or next. Spending SO MUCH MONEY on supplements and THINGS trying to FEEL BETTER only to fall short and exhausted from the endless pursuit or being told your labs are "normal" (insert eye roll). 

On my journey I did it all too... But now I am on the other side; I've done it and so can you! My goal is to collapse time for you-so you don't have to waste the hours on google, or money filling up a cabinet of supplements that don't seem to help. To get you living your best life NOW. Not next year. NOW, because YOU DESERVE IT! It took me 6 years of diving down the rabbit hole for my family and supporting others online before I decided to become certified and support the masses. To remove the roadblocks, detours and optimize your wellness providing a clear plan of action utilizing your unique genetic blueprint as our roadmap! 

In my experience not only as a person living with MTHFR, but also a practitioner is there are 3 things that are critical in supporting optimized wellness. 1. Lifestyle 2. Nutrition 3. Nervous system regulation. By taking a 3 pronged approach and partnering it with a comprehensive genetic blueprint you will see and feel the changes your body needs to function optimally. 

As your practitioner I enjoy all that is holistic and functional wellness. This includes: crystals, sage, sound baths, moon rituals, astrology, tarot, meditation, yoga and of course TRAVEL! If you are like me and are a little into the woo, (or not lol) you are welcome here! I do drop the f bomb a lot... so if that offends you-I may not be the coach for you! 

Listen MTHFR... if you just read that not as an acronym-you are my people! Life's too short too be so damn rigid! Let's connect and see what magic we can create together! 

Your MTHFR Coach,

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NOTE: You are welcome to register for self-study program or genetic blueprint at any time.

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